Monday, July 12, 2010

Marley & Me Moments

I haven't written a blog since I adopted my youngest cat, Kirby. It was called "The ABC's of naming a kitten" and it's short content was a list of 26 possible names for Kirby. I asked people to vote for their favorite. Kirby was not on the list, and neither was 'mama-se, mama-sa, mama-ku-sa' as one of my friends suggested. Somehow after that, life shifted, my priorities shifted, or possibly everyone just moved their asses over to facebook. Kirby is turning 3 next month. Regardless, I'm back to blogging... nothing too in depth... nothing ground breaking... just me.

If you don't know me.... how bored are you to be reading this? But to sum me up, I'm a fool. I can't keep my mouth shut. I make the same mistakes repeatedly and hardly notice and rarely care... i try to not care about the little things in life... SHAKA! Go with the flow. I want to be like that, but at the same time I definitely overreact and flip out about unimportant things. I'm quirky, annoying, but loyal til the end. I'm not a good driver, and I love anything that makes me feel tropical. The rest, you'll have to figure out for yourself.

I have been super into listening to audiobooks recently. It's fun because while reading a book I can be cleaning, tanning, driving, shopping, working, burning calories, paying bills, writing, playing a rousing round of solitaire, and just about anything that doesn't require me to listen. Most of the books I listen to are light, funny, fluffy non-fiction by comedians, actors and hilarious authors. A few weeks ago, I thought I'd give "Marley & Me" a try. I had kind of liked the movie, but I don't remember being overly emotional about it... This was most likely because I was on a first date with someone who, although an awesome guy, I was not attracted to in the least. I was more focused on how to end the date without misleading him. Anyway, as my audiobook neared it's end, I found myself getting emotional about the impending death of Marley the dog. Neal Patrick Harris calmly narrated the tale and described Marley's back and forth fight with the end of life.

My boyfriend, Diogo, arrived home from work the night I was finishing this book to find an empty apartment. He looked high and low for me, until he heard a faint sobbing. He followed the noise into the walk-in closet. As he entered, he found me in a huddled mass on the floor, clutching our oldest cat Fozzy to my chest, with tears rolling down my face.

My overwhelming reaction to the audiobook sent me straight back into the arms of Tori Spelling. I took safe haven in her new book (in hardback, ugh). And don't worry, I have no qualms about reading Tori. I declared a shame-free zone years ago when a little t.v. show called Hannah Montana captivated me. It was, as I had hoped, a good but light read. Today, I had about 20 pages left and took it with me to the pool for some tan time after the two weeks of unwavering rain. As I neared the end, Tori described a new dog she adopted this past Christmas eve. The dog was over ten years old, and had never lived inside. She and Dean decided to give the dog a home in his final years. They had an amazing christmas, and their son Liam immediately bonded with the dog. Then, the day after Christmas, the dog gets sick and x-rays reveal that the dog ate a bread twist tie a week before and it was tearing up his insides. and then BAM! - the dog is dead. They gave him a family for his final 24 hours. I had to fight back tears to avoid a public Marley&Me moment at the pool. My attempts to hold my tears turned into loud heaves, which caught the attention of the other pool patrons. It is only now that I finally feel shame.

Oh Well.... Next up on my reading list, "Tip It!" by Maggie Griffin.


  1. Next time don't give away the ending! PS: if you were poolside, just jump in, then ppl will think you're eyes are just irritated by the chlorine. I'm just getting back into reading so keep up the book-updates, love it :)

  2. I can give good fiction recommendations but I don't know if we have the same taste in books.